The Società Italiana di Studi Kantiani (Italian Society for Kantian Studies) was founded on 12 June1990 by Franco Bianco, Emilio Garroni and Silvestro Marcucci.

Its scope is to promote the study of the thought of Immanuel Kant, his period, and the origins and development of Kantianism, and to favour communication and the exchange of knowledge between scholars in Italy and abroad, in order to facilitate the realization of studies and projects aimed at deepening and disseminating our knowledge of critical philosophy.


This conference encourages debate between historical and contemporary accounts of Kantian themes in ethics law and politics. Immanuel Kant envisaged a cosmopolitan federation of independent republics as the only way to secure peace. The means to achieving this end are the rule of law, both domestically in the  form of republicanism and internationally in the form of cosmopolitanism.

The online academic journal Estudos Kantianos (Kantian Studies), hosted by São Paulo State University's Philosophy Department, welcomes contributions for a special issue on "Kant and Natural History", scheduled for January 2018. The thematic scope provides an occasion to explore Kant's own philosophical ideas and questions concerning the study of organisms and life, as well as the relations between his thoughts and those